The Bypass Burger

A simple, basic burger that comes fully dressed with the fixins. Add cheese for a little extra. Comes in three sizes 1/4 pound patty sizes: Single bypass, Double bypass, or Triple bypass.


The Shroom Burger

It's so good, you may see God! 1/4 pound patty topped with our delicious, mind-expanding sauteéd mushrooms and swiss cheese.


The Voodoo Burger

It will put you under a spell. 1/4 pound patty topped with Cajun cream cheese spread, carmelized onions, and bacon!


The S.O.B.

Son of a bitch this is good! 1/4 pound patty with blue cheese and 2 slices of bacon.


The King

Elvis lives! 1/4 pound patty topped with peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas.


The Hangover

Don't worry, we know it's the morning (or afternoon) after! A 1/4 patty, American cheese, smoked bacon, and 1 egg over easy.


The Bitchin' Burger

Totally bitchin', dude! A 1/4 pound patty topped with cheddar, smoked bacon, onion rings, and S.O.B. BBQ sauce.

Outlaw Burger

Two 1/4 pound patties with S.O.B. chili, cheddar cheese, and fresh jalapeños.

Border Patrol

So good you may say, "Holy guacamole!" 1/4 pound patty topped with 2 slices of pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapeños, and homemade guacamole.